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Come learn about the little known history of the Tulalip Indian Fair!

Cultivating History: The Tulalip Indian Fair (1915-1927)

Come learn about the little known history of the Tulalip Indian Fair, which occurred on the reservation from 1915–1927. These agricultural fairs were another method by the United States government to assimilate Native Americans into American culture with the goal of training them to be farmers and replacing the traditional hunter/gatherer lifestyle. It was through the Indian Fair that Tulalip people emphasized their newly developed domesticated skills along with their Native handicrafts. This display was reproduced with the aid of historic photographs from Hibulb’s archival collection and features original artifacts from the fair. This exhibition is targeted for youth ages K-3rd grade. Visiting this exhibit will allow guests to learn about the Tulalip Indian Fair through many era-themed interactives such as the opportunity to play in a pretend garden, a reproduction display of the Indian Fair including some original artifacts, informational panels, a touchscreen interactive, and a video.

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