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Hibulb Cultural Center Teaching Education Resources

The Hibulb Cultural Center offers Teaching Resources in continuing our mission to share the values of our cultures, communities, and environment. We hope to provide opportunities for students to learn from elders and artists within the community online, and to promote increased understanding of our ancestral knowledge and achievements.

Hibulb Cultural Center & Natural History Preserve Curriculum

The purpose of this website is an extension of the Hibulb Cultural Center and Natural History Preserve in Tulalip, Washington. The content was provided by various sources inspired by and affiliated with the center. This site serves as a project to serve the community and aid in the effort to forge a connection between the Tulalip community and outside parties that are interested in learning about the culture and history.

Lesson Plans, Play Ready, Interactive & Educational Games, and Interactive Worksheets.

Our Ancestral Lands, A Life Built on Stories and Environment

Hibulb Cultural Center education teaching resources Our Ancestral Lands, A Life Built on Stories, and Environment
Basket Lady's Swing

Kate Simmons Basket

The outline of Basket Lady’s basket can be seen on a map of the Sound, the video mentions what the Basket Lady’s and other cedar baskets can be used for!

Lesson Plan PDF:
Lesson Plan PDF:

Warriors We Remember

Veterans, Notable Leaders

Stephenie M. Charley-Blackford

Traditional Dress

This video mentions the use of Cedar and the art of beading. Stephenie was a skilled cedar weaver and was also exceptional at beading! Stephanie taught a generation of new Cedar weavers how to make mats, dolls, hats and baskets. Her teachings live on in today’s Indigenous youth.

Terry Williams

Summer Camp House

Terry Williams’ vison and guidance has paved the way for future leaders. This video tells about our Treaty right of fishing. Terry has and still continues to fight hard to protect Tulalips sovereignty. Thank you Terry!

Notable Leaders PDF

The Power of Words: A History of Tulalip, Treaty

Strengthening Our Way of Life: Cultural Values, Family, and Treaty

Hibulb Cultural Center The Power of Words: A History of Tulalip, Treaty -- Education Teaching Resources.

Point Elliott Treaty - Part 1: History

Point Elliott Treaty - Part 2: Boldt Decision

Indian Schools

The Treaty of Point Elliott promised schools for young indigenous children. This video references the signing of the 1855 Point Elliott Treaty and the assurance of schools.

Lesson Plan PDF:
Lesson Plan PDF:

Summer Camp House

It’s known that fishing is a part of our traditional way of life. In 1974, Treaty fishing would be granted as a right by Judge Boldt. As stated in the lesson, “Boldt ruled treaty fishing of Northwest tribes a right, not a privilege.”

Lesson Plan PDF:

TABTABƏB: Traditional Languages of the Coast Salish People

Native American group of people in canoes on the water, titled Indian Canoe Parade Tulalip Washington.
Lesson Plan PDF:
Lesson Plan PDF:

Boldt Decision

2024 marks 50 years of the Boldt decision.

Hibulb Cultural Center - Beach Seining Tulalip-Bay 1950s.
Lesson Plan PDF:
Lesson Plan PDF:


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