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Hibulb Cultural Center from the outside on the Tulalip reservation

Culture Series

Depiction of cedar weaving, a Culture Series event at Hibulb Cultural Center

The Hibulb Cultural Center is honored to host a series of presentations by Coast Salish tribal artists. Join us as we examine cultural ways and values, protection of environment, and sustainability of resources through the masterful artwork of some of the Northwest Coast's finest caretakers.

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Film Series

Reel-to-reel projector camera showing an old film in the dark

The Hibulb Cultural Center celebrates the power of cinema to tell the stories of our many cultures, and the Center recognizes Coast Salish filmmaking and filmmakers.

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It gives us great pleasure at the Hibulb Cultural Center to present community knowledge-keepers sharing important perspectives on Coast Salish legacies influenced by history and cultural traditions. Join us as gifted lecturers reflect on the elaborate art and ceremonial lifeways, natural resource economy, sophisticated societal status confirmed by generosity, and other treasures and challenges that are important to acknowledge in Tulalip history.

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Lecture Series

A sepia image of sun shining through a forest of cedar trees

Poetry Series

A stack of old books that are spread open, signifying poetry

The Hibulb Cultural Center presents the poetry series.

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An artifact inside the Hibulb Cultural Center, signifying the storytelling sessions

Young people and families are invited to the Hibulb Cultural Center Longhouse Room as Tulalip community storytellers share entertaining stories and songs passed down through generations and filled with ancestral knowledge. Oral historians continue to bring us together, make us laugh, inspire us, and remind us of how rich we are in teachings.

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Demonstration of cedar weaving, one of the workshops hosted by Hibulb Cultural Center

By the hospitality of Tulalip artists, we invite one and all to join us as we learn ancestral crafts and the cultural importance tied to the art. The Hibulb Cultural Center workshops offer visitors a unique opportunity to participate in making great pieces of creative splendor under the guidance of skilled crafts people.

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