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Hibulb Cultural Center from the outside on the Tulalip reservation

The Tulalip Longhouse

Hibulb Cultural Center The Tulalip Longhouse interactive exhibit.

The interactive exhibit allows you to sit, listen and experience a Tulalip longhouse by featuring a variety of recorded stories told by Tulalip’s gifted storytellers.

Lessons For Life

Hibulb Cultural Center Lessons for Life exhibit -- ancestors teaching. Family songs, stories, lineage, and moral teachings.

Where do you go to learn something new? For our ancestors teaching took place around the fires in the longhouse. This was a time of passing on family songs, stories, lineage and moral teachings. There are many types of longhouses in our community; for everyday living, for ceremonies and for learning.

“They told me stories which would create in me the desire to become brave, and good, and strong, to become a good speaker, a good leader, they taught me to honor old people and always do all in my power to help them.”
—William Shelton, Tulalip Tribal Leader (1868–1938)


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6410 23rd Avenue NE
Tulalip, WA 98271