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Hibulb Cultural Center from the outside on the Tulalip reservation

Hibulb Natural History Preserve

Hibulb Natural History Preserve gardening together.

The Hibulb Natural History Preserve will be a place for community rediscovery and sharing of our traditional lifeways and values by learning and following the teachings in the traditional lifeways. Hibulb Natural History Preserve will continue to promote respect and understanding of our environment through prayer and “only taking from nature what is needed with as little damage to the environment as possible.” Learning and following these traditional teachings will allow nature to continue to regenerate her gifts so that we may continue to walk in harmony with nature. It will be a place where the land and water expresses the spirit of our people.

Gardening together as families:
2012 spring gardening boxes:

Hibulb Natural History Preserve Goals

  1. Preserve and Honor
    • Protect and enhance the diversity and integrity of the natural and cultural heritage of the Hibulb NHP on behalf of our community
    • Restore the natural systems and character of the NHP including its native vegetation, salmon and other fish, birds, & wildlife
    • Leave a lasting legacy where our community and visitors can see and experience the bountiful gifts and natural history of this land
  2. Discover and Share
    • Create a place where the community can rediscover natural and cultural environments and their relationship with them
    • Share in traditional uses and understanding of the land and water
    • Encourage research and understanding of native ecology


How to get here:

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6410 23rd Avenue NE
Tulalip, WA 98271