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Salish Bounty is open November 3rd, 2012 through January 2013.

Hibulb Cultural Center has partnered with the Burke Museum to host a new traveling exhibit for 10 weeks beginning in November 2012, Salish Bounty: Traditional Native American Foods of Puget Sound. Salish Bounty is the result of a cooperative effort between the Burke Museum and local Coast Salish advisors to highlight the unique and diverse diet of Coast Salish peoples of the region.

Salish Bounty illustrates the connection between the land and people. The exhibit explores both the cultural history and values of Coast Salish communities while simultaneously illustrating the work of local communities to revive and re-integrate traditional foods into an every-day diet. The exhibition also gives voice to some of the stressors that traditional food resources face in the 21st century and the efforts of Coast Salish communities to improve upon these factors in ways that are sustainable and that honor our lands and communities.

Home Page Slider Image: Gilbert King George spear fishes on the White River during the “Fish-Ins” of the 1970’s. Photo courtesy of Warren King George.

Clams Image: Clams collected on a Puget Sound beach. Photo courtesy of Warren King George.

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